KCCA - Certificate
What is KCCA?
KCCA (KOREA CANDLE CRAFT ASSOCIATION) course is a complete course (including 28kinds of candle design) for all candle masters worldwide.
It is suitable for students who are looking for a professional course, a side income or even a career change.

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Why Happy Together?
Our candle trainer was certified by ACTA, knowing how to assist the learner to achieve what they want and able to train and assess learner's skill in a professional way.
Basic Content:
- Distinguish the waxes, melting temperature and molding temperature
- Distinguish candle wick
- Designing different style of candle
- Explain the addictive of waxes 
Saving Money:
- Choose the correct material for a different design (avoid choosing the wrong material and failed your artwork)
- Colour print handout with Chinese and English translation
- Additional free 3 extra latest candle design that maximizes your portfolio
The participant will receive a certificate from KCCA after completion of the full course.